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Wizard Sync 2009 has been designed to keep a backup of your important files. The application will work with your local computer, external hard drives, USB flash memory devices and network drives. The files sync by copying only the new and updated files to the backup location.

Wizard Sync 2009 provides a variety of features including:

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• Easy to use -
A user-friendly interface that allows you to easily backup and synchronize the folders and files that are important to you. (backup documents, spreadsheets, MP3s, videos and other files)

• Secure - Your can safeguard you files by keeping an exact copy of these files in different locations.

• Multiple Locations - It has unique features such as multiple locations allowing you to backup files in more than one place.

• Scheduling - You can even schedule the copies to take place at a time convenient to you.

• Backup - Not just restricted to file synchronization, it is possible to have one way file backups.

• Free - Try the free file sync software (Wizard Sync 2009 Free Edition) which is suitable for moderate personal use.


It is really easy to sync folders or backup files, just follow the five steps below:

Create a Backup/Sync Plan   Select the locations   Optional
Step - Exclude File
  Set a schedule   Choose a name
for your plan



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